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Beautiful and glowing skin is a sight to behold. There is something exuding when you see a woman or a man with great skin. You can't help but envy their glowing complexion and often wonder how they manage to keep a beautiful skin or how much money they spend in maintaining it.

Having beautiful and glowing skin need not be costly. What is required is the right glowing skin tips and discipline. Incorporating these simple steps in your lifestyle can transform your dry and dull skin to beautiful, radiant looking skin in no time.


In order to keep your skin well moisturized and glowing, drink at least 7-8 glasses of water daily. Tea, coffee and juices do not count! It is advisable to drink more when working out as you lose more water when you sweat. Drinking least 7-8 grasses of water everyday keeps your body hydrated and results to clear and glowing skin because water help get rid of toxins from your body. Drinking a glass of warm water when you wake up is beneficial to jump-start your body for the day.


A healthy diet not only helps your body avoid certain diseases, but eating healthy also contributes to a healthy, youthful and glowing skin. Certain food facilitate in bringing about a more beautiful skin. Maintain a diet that is high in fruits and vegetables and avoid oily food. Restrict the quantity of sweets and nuts, eat brown, whole grain or oat bran bread instead of white bread and use brown rice instead of white rice. These items not only contribute to a naturally glowing skin, but also help keep your body healthy. Eat plenty of food rich in Vitamins C, E, A, B2 and Zinc and make sure you get enough omega -3 and omega - 6. Do not expect an overnight effect, changing your diet and eating right will show visible result in six weeks.


Cardio exercise is the best way to keep that healthy skin glow because it cardio exercise stimulates blood flow. Go for a run, or ride your bike at least four times a week and work up that sweat. If you are exercising outdoors, make sure you wear sunscreen on your face. Exercising helps keep stress to a minimum thus preventing skin breakouts.


Exfoliate at least once a week. Exfoliating helps remove dead and dull skin. Gently exfoliate your skin after steaming your face helps bring a healthy skin glow because this removes debris, dirt and dead skin cells that might have into your pores. Facial steam releases oil, and opens up pores. To steam your face, fill a small bowl with hot water, and lean over the bowl with your face in the steam. Drape a towel over your head and bowl and stay there for 10-15 minutes. Using a mild exfoliating product that is compatible with your skin, scrub your face with a gentle circular motion. Do not exfoliate for more than two or three minutes as this will irritate your skin. Don't forget to moisturize after!


Get a lot of sleep. Eight hours of sleep per night is effective for skin. Rejuvenation occurs during sleeping. Sleeping for eight hours straight is better than doing it in small episodes.

If you want to feel young and look young, you should take care of your skin. People normally look at your skin and judge about your age. As one age, skin becomes rough as hormones decline, but keeping a healthy life style, exercise and eating right can delay aging and keep skin looking beautiful and radiant. By following these simple tips, you are on your way to feeling and looking great!

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