eye puffiness shows your skin dull

As we get older, our bodies and in particular our skin show it. Under eye bags and sags are - for some women - a regular occurrence. If you have suffered from eye puffiness, keep reading. We will explain what causes eye puffiness and bags and we will offer some tips for getting rid of them. Getting relieved from eye puffiness will show skin glowing in face.
First, it is important to know that puffiness and dark circles under the eyes are both quite normal. It is not necessarily because you did not get enough sleep or you consumed too much sodium. Many women just have to deal with these issues, regardless of their lifestyle or diet.
By definition, eye puffiness is puffiness around the eyes. It might be under the eyes, the eyelids, or a general swelling or puffiness around the entire eye region.
What causes eye puffiness? Let us look at some possible causes.
1. Heredity
Experts say that if your mom and her mom suffered from eye puffiness, you likely will too.
2. Alcohol and tobacco
Both of these contain toxins that can lead to stress, fatigue and hormonal changes. Each of these can lead to puffiness.
3. Aging
As you age, the skin around your eyes naturally droops and can become sensitive, leading to swelling.
4. Diet
Excess salt can be a cause of eye puffiness.
5. Fluid retention
The fluid retention you can experience in pregnancy or during menstruation can lead to eye puffiness.
6. Allergies
Especially if the allergies cause your eyes to water, or if you rub them.
7. Medication
Some medications you take can cause eye puffiness and bags.
Now, there are several things you can do to reduce puffiness, and some of them are just as you would expect (get more sleep, reduce your alcohol consumption). But if you are looking for a remedy, consider this: cucumbers do help! They contain anti-inflammatory properties that naturally reduce puffiness. Here is what you can do:
Chill a whole cucumber and slice two thick slices. The rest of the cucumber can be pureed and placed on your face as a mask. Close your eyes and place the cucumber slices over your eyes.
You can lie down for about 15 minutes with the cucumber on your face and then remove the slices and wash off the cucumber. You should see an improvement after just 15 minutes of this cucumber treatment.
One other popular home remedy for eye puffiness is to sleep with your head elevated. This prevents fluids from settling into the eye area. You will find your own comfort level with it, but experts recommend that you put two pillows under your head to get the best effect from this method.
Do you feel less puffy already? Hopefully we have given you some clues as to what causes eye puffiness and what you can do about it with natural home remedies. We might all have to deal with it at some time, but you do not have to live with it. Just a few simple changes can make a difference.

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